Play List and Artist Information
  • Here are recent play lists and links for some of the artists played on Writer's Block. We encourage listeners to visit these artist's websites and to attend live performances. 
Most of these artists' music can be found online at
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Some Others:
Our Interludes:
Folks are always asking about the intro music, the instrumentals being played as 'bed' music for announcements. Well, here's a list of some of our favorites!

Don Cassell
Tim Thompson
Chris Murphy
Van Manakas
Ken Bonfield
Stephen Bennett
Ivan Rosenburg
Kerry Kean
Kraig Kenning
Billy McLaughlin

Many of the artists aired on Writer's Block sell their cds online at Cdbaby has been a constant 'Block' supporter since the beginning.  When asked how you heard of this artist, we'd be much obliged if you tell them, "I heard them on Writer's Block!"  Click HERE to visit!
The Writer's Block play list is posted on our Facebook page following each broadcast. Please check the page at regularly for information on artists being aired on Writer's Block. 

Thank you for tuning in and supporting independent music!