Block Foundation-Crew and Staff! (aren't we professional!!)
Greg Horne
Jason Wilbur and Dave Jacques dropped by and hung out with us before going onstage with John Prine at the Tennessee Theatre
Hector Qirko stops in just to hear the music!
A Very Happy Audience!
Sister Grace showing her style!
(c) 2006 Jack Goodwin
Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart
Connie Millar joined by her husband Gary & son, Russell
Reagan Boggs
local songstress, Maggie Longmire, is a regular in the audience! 
Were YOU there? Or did you miss another night of great music at Writer's Block LIVE?
(c) 2006 Jack Goodwin
(c) 2006 Jack Goodwin
Malcolm Holcombe
Diana Jones
Seen At The Scene
Pictures from some of  our LIVE events. 
(C) Writer's Block
Melanie Hayes